How about spending the summer doing something that will last for eternity?

ETBE Water Park
ETBE Home made pizza
Wathing the pool

This summer East Texas Baptist Encampment is looking for 24 sold-out followers of Christ to join our Summer Mission Team. They will serve as lifeguards, challenge course facilitators, cooks, cleaning staff, maintenance workers, gift shop clerks, concession stand attendants and more for the first nine weeks. Then they will fly to Alaska for a nine day mission trip. The mission is to help a growing church as they reach out to children, students and families sharing the good news of Christ. Here’s the deal. We pay our team $100 a week while they work at the camp. It is hard work and long hours…but it is rewarding to know that lives are being changed. The trip to Alaska is covered by special offerings and funds budgeted by the camp. The team members only pay for a few meals while traveling. Sound like something you would fit into?

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